About Standing up for the Adult Industry

Mr. Lucas always displays an exceptionally strong voice for his cause. At the 2003 adult entertainment Grabby Awards his cause was to denounce a corrupt model agent. When it was time for Lucas to present an award, he took to the microphone to criticize the agent’s depraved actions. Michael felt that this man was giving a horrific influence on the industry, pimping, pandering and actively getting models addicted to drugs. Lucas took on the duty to express objection for this disgraceful behavior. The porn star agent sold his business and retired shortly after.

Many applauded Lucas’ stance yet he was subsequently banned from any further appearances at the Grabby’s. He believed that Forest gave the industry a terrible reputation and perpetuated a negative stigma. The organizers of the Grabby’s told Lucas that he would never be welcomed again and that he would never be nominated again. But in 2010 Lucas Entertainment and its performers were nominated for 36 Grabby Awards and took home Best International Picture of the Year for Men of Israel.

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