About Activist, Public Speaker & Columnist

Outside of his films, Lucas is particularly distinguished for his activism and outspokenness. His convictions are uncompromising, which leads to much public interest and passionate disputes. Lucas lives by a quote from his favorite journalist and social activist, Oriana Fallaci, “There are moments in Life when keeping silent becomes a fault, and speaking an obligation. A civic duty, a moral challenge, a categorical imperative from which we cannot escape.”

Lucas has spurred public debate over topics ranging from Islamic fundamentalism, bareback sex, child pornography and his opinions are respected and discussed in mainstream media throughout the world. Lucas contributes editorial columns regularly to several national publications, which have sparked innumerable forums for public discussions.

In 2010, with such strong political and social views, Michael Lucas was added as a columnist to The Advocate. Since his column’s inception, each of Lucas’ political articles have caused heated debates among commenters who strongly defend or oppose his powerful convictions.

Lucas has also become an increasingly sought after public speaker. In April 2005, Lucas was invited to speak at the Master’s Tea at Yale University. He detailed his unique life and his views on pornography. The following year, he partnered with Yale once again in a conference on adult entertainment that was sponsored and published by the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. Michael Lucas has also been invited to speak and debate at several high profile universities such as Stanford, NYU, Rutgers, and Boston University and in 2010 Lucas debated for LGBT rights at Oxford University in England.

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