Dec 6th, 2023 Angelo Di Trevi Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Angelo Di Trevi is one handsome son of a bitch. His angular face is complemented by his incredible head of thick brown curls. When Angelo first appears on camera, he’s wearing a black tank top showing off his incredible arms and beautiful shoulders. And, most importantly, he’s waiting to give his body and bottom service to Michael Lucas for an amazing anal fucking!

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Nov 28th, 2023 Leandro Bravo Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Leandro Bravo is absolutely adorable. He has a college frat-bro look with his young good looks and shaggy brown hair. He also has a laid back personality, but that doesn’t mean he does not like to fuck. Because Leandro Bravo shows up quickly for an invite to Michael Lucas’ home, and he takes the uncut top’s cock like a man!

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Nov 21st, 2023 Chris Sins Bottoms For Michael Lucas

Chris Sins, despite his blasphemous name, has a young and sweet face. But don’t let it fool you, because this kid is an animal in the bedroom. He had been flirting with Michael Lucas for awhile now, so when they were in town together at the same time they made a hook-up work. Chris Sins has a favorite sexual position, and that’s taking dick on his back while his legs are high up in the air. Michael Lucas gives him what he wants in that position!

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Nov 14th, 2023 Michael Lucas Fucks Max Lorde

The handsome cutie named Max Lorde is waiting on all fours for Michael Lucas to take him orally and anally. Max is a young and adorable ginger who knows how to please his top man. He proves this by servicing Michael Lucas with his mouth and ass!

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Nov 7th, 2023 Cabog Rides Michael Lucas’ Cock

Cabog is a strong strong and macho guy who looks great both in his clothes and out of them. But let’s be real — we all want to see him out of them. Cabog is a manly jock, but when the right guy gets him alone in the bedroom, he’s always ready to show off his submissive beta side. He does exactly that for Michael Lucas!

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