About Anti-Child Pornography

In 2009, Lucas stood up for his industry once again at the GayVN Awards. In the realm of gay porn there have been very few stories that have spawned as much fury and disgust as that which surrounds a certain 22-year-old porn performer. At the age of 16 or 17 the model forged his ID’s and performed in a string of bareback-themed adult movies. The revelation ignited a storm of controversy with many outlets voluntarily removing the underage performer’s films from their shelves because of concerns surrounding child pornography.

Being disgusted by this scandal and the precedent it set in the adult film world, forced Lucas to speak out. At GayVN Award ceremony directly after an honor was given out for child pornography protection, Lucas took to the stage to fight for his dignified cause.

Lucas stated in a press release on the incident: “It is shocking how lightly the industry is taking this matter. By falsifying his government-required identification, this model put himself, producers, and the general public at the mercy of federal prosecution. Because he performed while he was underage, all the material that he appeared in during that time is now considered child pornography, and rightfully so.”

Many dominant figures in the adult industry spoke out in support of Lucas’ campaign against child pornography. However, there were some that opposed this fight and argued that offenses should be forgiven and forgotten.

“This is my livelihood and people in this industry should be involved in the protection and positive promotion of what we are offering,” states Lucas. “There has long been a stigma attached to this business and I am fighting hard to improve the reputation of what we do.”

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