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“Michael is so funny and opinionated and politically aware that I sometimes forget to look at his cock.”
Alan Cumming, Actor and Pop Icon

“Michael Lucas makes my mangina wet.”
Perez Hilton, Leading Gossip Blogger

“Michael Lucas is a person who’s bigger than life. There are people who sort of command a room when they walk in, either through the strength of their personality or the strength of their convictions, or their passions.”
John Duran, West Hollywood City Council

“We have few porn kings living among us…. In fact, now that Bob Guccione has been stripped of his townhouse, we may have only one bona fide member of porn royalty, self-styled emperor though he is: Michael Lucas.”
New York Magazine

“[Michael Lucas] has married the pornographer’s taste for the outrageous to the brash self-assuredness of an immigrant entrepreneur to the ethnic nationalism of a Russian Jew to the subject matter of Bernard Lewis.”
The New Republic

“Michael Lucas was my very first ‘client.’ He bought some of my artwork when I showed it in NY, and I am really happy that my paintings are part of his art collection! It just shows that you can do porn and still have good taste! I could use some of his actors as models for my drawings. They are all beautiful and so is Michael.”
Amanda Lear, Actress/Disco Star/Painter

“He’s a take-charge person who knows what he wants – no bullshit.”
Michael Musto, Author and Village Voice columnist

“Michael Lucas continues to be a force for positive change in everything he does. Like all too few celebrities before him, he embodies this attitude of making his world better – and in turn makes it better for everyone.”
J. David Riva, Producer, Director, Grandson of Marlene Dietrich

“He’s incredibly loyal. He’s very, very sweet and he’s just a really, really generally good person.”
Erik Schut, TLA Video

“Michael is a hero of mine. I think he’s very misunderstood. People think he’s arrogant when he’s really taking the piss out of a situation.”
RuPaul, Female Impersonator/Musician

“Michael Lucas is to gay porn what James Bond is to spy work.”
Bruce Vilanch, Actor/Writer

“Michael Lucas has earned his place at the table as opposed to under it.”
Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, photographer and director, “Thinking XXX”

“Michael Lucas is known as a porn mogul and a polarizing figure in today’s gay culture. I find this hard to believe sometimes as I know Michael as a wickedly funny, diva-obsessed, fashion victim (in the good way) full of good nature and strong opinions. He does not mince words, which is a rarity for people in or out of the spotlight. With Michael you get what you see. That’s remarkable. Most people don’t have the balls to say what’s on their mind all the time. As his films prove he has the balls and so much more.”
Bradford Shellhammer, Founding Editor, Queerty.com

“Michael’s work isn’t just about adult entertainment: it’s a smokin’ hot collision between art, fashion, porn and popular culture. All my favorites rolled into one nice package (pun intended).”
Andy Salzer, Creative Director, Yoko Devereaux

“Seeing him is food for the soul — not just the eyes and the body. That such a good heart beats within his handsome chest is, for me, his charm. I treasure our friendship.”
David Schorr, Artist

“There is never a dull moment working on Michael Lucas’ press campaign. Whether media agree or disagree with him, one thing is for sure; none can get enough of him.”
Len Evans, Project Publicity, Inc.

“Michael Lucas is a transcendent force in the adult entertainment industry. With his indomitable sense of class and integrity he has pulled the industry to a new level of mainstream entertainment. And he did it all with his lower lip! 😉 ”
David Morgan, photographer

“He is truly one of the most beautiful men you will ever behold. But if you get seduced by that he will come in with his smarts and get ya!”
Ben Patrick Johnson, voice-over actor

“Michael Lucas is an original creation, haute couture in living flesh. Quixotic and quirky, sensual and smart, infuriating and entertaining, Michael Lucas has carved out a spot for himself in the public consciousness through sheer force of will. He is personally dragging gay adult entertainment out of the shadows of peep-show booths and into the limelight, and he isn’t asking for permission, either. Hate to love him, or love to hate him, here he is.”
JC Adams, writer/director/columnist, GayPornTimes.com

“Celebrating nearly 20 years in the all-male adult industry, I have worked with and stood by many talented and hard working people who I greatly respect. Michael is no exception… From his early days and then an entrepreneur as the head of his own brand and company Michael embodies one of many ingredients I hold in high regard for success – Passion. I’m proud to support Michael’s successes and also to have been a friend and comrade throughout his tenure.”
John Rutherford, President COLT Studio Group 

“You can say what you like about Michael, but he’s never boring. He speaks his mind and stands by his word. He’s street-smart, business-savvy and one of the handsomest men I know.
Tim Valenti, CEO, NakedSword.com

“Michael Lucas is one of the only gay male porn stars to do what Jenna Jameson did with her career. By taking full control of his work and launching a highly successful adult entertainment empire, he will go down in the history books and become a role model for the future stars of gay pornography.”
Jason Sechrest, Adult Industry Writer: JasonCurious.com

“In the years that I have known Michael Lucas, I can say that without a doubt he is a talent. No one builds as prolific a career as he without will, determination, and imagination. He has created a persona that is iconic, and one that embodies a contemporary outlook on the modern gay man – out, self-confident and opposed to intolerance. His films pay homage to some of the most classic images in cinematic history while capturing the raw sexuality of men.”
Frank Spinelli, M.D. Author, “Advocate Guide to Gay Health and Wellness”

“Michael Lucas loves high-quality, hot-ass erotic filmmaking guaranteed to get you off in a way you won’t ever forget. He is polite and elegant — with an air of Satan. At any moment, with cinematic gracefulness, one can imagine Lucas moving in on you — for the kill. The epitome of cool, it is his wit, work ethic, focus and drive that may just conspire to make the 15 minutes he says will never end, last a lifetime.”
Genre Magazine

“You really left people in awe, me included. In my mind what you did was nothing less than laying down the laws of objective image making. One of my friends was proposing that every film school in the world would benefit by inviting you to lecture. Your confidence, honesty, and humor made the performance so accessible, in spite of its extreme subject. It was truly excellent.”
Matthew Barney, Artist

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