Nov 14th, 2023 Michael Lucas Fucks Max Lorde

The handsome cutie named Max Lorde is waiting on all fours for Michael Lucas to take him orally and anally. Max is a young and adorable ginger who knows how to please his top man. He proves this by servicing Michael Lucas with his mouth and ass!

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Nov 7th, 2023 Cabog Rides Michael Lucas’ Cock

Cabog is a strong strong and macho guy who looks great both in his clothes and out of them. But let’s be real — we all want to see him out of them. Cabog is a manly jock, but when the right guy gets him alone in the bedroom, he’s always ready to show off his submissive beta side. He does exactly that for Michael Lucas!

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Oct 31st, 2023 ViciousMen Services Michael Lucas

The name of the porn performer ViciousMen says it all. This guy is an animal in bed, and he loves taking and giving as much dick as possible. But when you are with Michael Lucas, you better be ready to go total bottom. ViciousMen does exactly that — he rides Michael’s 10-inch uncut Russian cock like a sex-hungry animal. All the while, Michael Lucas captures the action on his iPhone!

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Oct 24th, 2023 Michael Lucas Gives Rudalo An Anal Pounding

Rudalo has quite the ass on him. He loves shaking it and showing it off for the boys when he’s out and about. He knows it gets him into a lot of trouble, and that’s exactly why he does it. Michael Lucas is an ass man, so when Rudalo arrives for his anal pounding, he immediately shows off what he has to offer in bright blue briefs. If it’s a fucking he wants, he sure knows how to entice it!

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Oct 17th, 2023 Andy Star Takes Michael Lucas Up The Ass

It’s nighttime out on a patio in Spain, and Michael Lucas is with Andy Star. And his laying down on a picnic table with his legs up in the air ready to take 10 inches of uncut Russian cock. Andy Star is a handsome guy with an amazing body, and when he’s getting fucked by Michael Lucas, he’s never looked better!

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