Michael Lucas’ marathon of a life has been run from law school student in Russia to immigrant in Germany to performer in France to, finally, owner of his own company in New York City, often having to start again from scratch and never being afraid of change. He has become the most mainstream adult entrepreneur in the world and has unparalleled longevity with 16 years and counting in the industry.

He was born in Moscow in March of 1972 to an engineer and a linguist. He had a very difficult time growing up gay and Jewish in homophobic and anti-Semitic Communist Russia. He always felt different from the norm and knew that those around him also saw him as different. He was very rebellious and was not afraid to speak his mind, getting into a lot of trouble for his independent thinking.

Michael was one of 14 accepted into the most prestigious law school in Russia, Moscow Law Academy. He graduated as a lawyer in 1994, earning exceptionally high marks and majoring in international law. After opening his own successful tourist company the same year, he left for Munich, Germany in May of 1995 with a tourist’s status, no working papers, one bag and two hundred dollars, knowing no one there. He started working as an escort and adult performer in both gay and straight films, eventually gaining German residency. He moved to Paris in 1996 and continued working as a gay adult model for French director Cadinot.

In 1997 he came to the United States for a week, fell in love with the country and moved to New York City, once again knowing no one and without papers. He began working as an exclusive model for Falcon Studios. He started the US legalization process from scratch, getting his work permit, green card and finally becoming an American citizen. After one year working as a Falcon exclusive, he opened his own adult film company, Lucas Entertainment, out of his West Village studio apartment.

Lucas Entertainment quickly became one of the top five gay adult companies in the world and the biggest on the east coast. Today, the company occupies 5,000 square feet in the heart of Manhattan employing 15 full time employees with full benefit packages as well as hundreds of models and freelancers annually. It produces award-winning erotic films with famously high production values including the highest budgeted adult films in the industry. His film Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita received a record 14 AVN nominations, winning all 14 awards- a record that stands unbeaten. Additionally his film, Men of Israel, was the first adult movie produced in Israel and garnered an unprecedented amount of coverage from the mainstream press.

In 2001, Michael brought his parents, grandparents and brother to the US, aiding them to live comfortably in NYC. For several years, he has written columns for many magazines, including a very opinionated and controversial regular column in The Advocate on social and political issues, which has received hundreds of comments online and been reprinted all over the world. Speaking regularly at universities such as Stanford, Yale and Oxford, he discusses social, political, and sexual issues. He has been on the cover of hundreds of magazines worldwide and has been profiled in many mainstream publications ranging from New York Magazine to The New Republic Magazine.

In 2009, he became a citizen of Israel, denouncing his Russian citizenship in 2010 over Russian homophobia and anti-Semitism. He lives an exciting and busy life, constantly traveling the world for both business and pleasure, having visited over 60 countries, including most of South America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Though he spends most of his time in Manhattan apartment, he also spends time in his house on Fire Island and one month annually in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Michael Lucas’ most recent photos can be found at here at MichaelLucas.com. The company’s can be found at LucasEntertainment.com.

Michael Lucas is the most mainstreamed, provocative, and controversial figure in gay adult entertainment. With his unique character, activism, and distinction, he is at the forefront of his industry and beyond. Gay newsmagazine The Advocate said, “Michael Lucas has used the stardom porn gave him as a platform to speak out against drugs, unsafe sex, child exploitation, anti-Semitism, religious oppression of gays, and a host of other social problems.”

Lucas has been called everything on his rise to be the owner of one of the most successful porn empires in the world: savvy, abrasive, ruthlessly honest, iron-fisted, intelligent, blunt, disciplined and determined. He is strong, triumphant and this industry’s sexiest maverick.