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Michael Lucas’ marathon of a life has been run from law school student in Russia to immigrant in Germany to performer in France to, finally, owner of his own company in New York City, often having to start again from scratch and never being afraid of change. He has become the most mainstream adult entrepreneur in the world and has unparalleled longevity with 16 years and counting in the industry.

He was born in Moscow in March of 1972 to an engineer and a linguist. He had a very difficult time growing up gay and Jewish in homophobic and anti-Semitic Communist Russia. He always felt different from the norm and knew that those around him also saw him as different. He was very rebellious and was not afraid to speak his mind, getting into a lot of trouble for his independent thinking.

Michael was one of 14 accepted into the most prestigious law school in Russia, Moscow Law Academy. He graduated as a lawyer in 1994, earning exceptionally high marks and majoring in international law. After opening his own successful tourist company the same year, he left for Munich, Germany in May of 1995 with a tourist’s status, no working papers, one bag and two hundred dollars, knowing no one there. He started working as an escort and adult performer in both gay and straight films, eventually gaining German residency. He moved to Paris in 1996 and continued working as a gay adult model for French director Cadinot.

In 1997 he came to the United States for a week, fell in love with the country and moved to New York City, once again knowing no one and without papers. He began working as an exclusive model for Falcon Studios. He started the US legalization process from scratch, getting his work permit, green card and finally becoming an American citizen. After one year working as a Falcon exclusive, he opened his own adult film company, Lucas Entertainment, out of his West Village studio apartment.

Lucas Entertainment quickly became one of the top five gay adult companies in the world and the biggest on the east coast. Today, the company occupies 5,000 square feet in the heart of Manhattan employing 15 full time employees with full benefit packages as well as hundreds of models and freelancers annually. It produces award-winning erotic films with famously high production values including the highest budgeted adult films in the industry. His film Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita received a record 14 AVN nominations, winning all 14 awards- a record that stands unbeaten. Additionally his film, Men of Israel, was the first adult movie produced in Israel and garnered an unprecedented amount of coverage from the mainstream press.

In 2001, Michael brought his parents, grandparents and brother to the US, aiding them to live comfortably in NYC. For several years, he has written columns for many magazines, including a very opinionated and controversial regular column in The Advocate on social and political issues, which has received hundreds of comments online and been reprinted all over the world. Speaking regularly at universities such as Stanford, Yale and Oxford, he discusses social, political, and sexual issues. He has been on the cover of hundreds of magazines worldwide and has been profiled in many mainstream publications ranging from New York Magazine to The New Republic Magazine.

In 2009, he became a citizen of Israel, denouncing his Russian citizenship in 2010 over Russian homophobia and anti-Semitism. He lives an exciting and busy life, constantly traveling the world for both business and pleasure, having visited over 60 countries, including most of South America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Though he spends most of his time in Manhattan apartment, he also spends time in his house on Fire Island and one month annually in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Michael Lucas’ most recent photos can be found at here at MichaelLucas.com. The company’s can be found at LucasEntertainment.com.

Michael Lucas is the most mainstreamed, provocative, and controversial figure in gay adult entertainment. With his unique character, activism, and distinction, he is at the forefront of his industry and beyond. Gay newsmagazine The Advocate said, “Michael Lucas has used the stardom porn gave him as a platform to speak out against drugs, unsafe sex, child exploitation, anti-Semitism, religious oppression of gays, and a host of other social problems.”

Lucas has been called everything on his rise to be the owner of one of the most successful porn empires in the world: savvy, abrasive, ruthlessly honest, iron-fisted, intelligent, blunt, disciplined and determined. He is strong, triumphant and this industry’s sexiest maverick.


Michael Lucas was born in Moscow on March 10th, 1972. His parents, Lev Bregman, an engineer, and Elena Treivas, a literature teacher, gave their son the maternal maiden name of Treivas, as to curb the personal effects of anti-Semitism in soviet Russia. Growing up in a communist nation as a gay-Jewish boy, Lucas faced a great deal of oppression and discrimination. “I have a very liberal Jewish family,” Lucas says, “they are open-minded and respectful about my sexuality and, later, my choice of profession.” In grade school, Lucas experienced firsthand the abrasive forms of anti-Semitism and later in graduate school, the cruelty of homophobia. Quite early in life Lucas understood that he was a gay man and even with such intolerance, he never hid that fact. “I was never in the closet,” states Lucas. “Not to my family and not to my friends.”

In 1994, Lucas obtained a law degree from Moscow State Law Academy. After graduation, Lucas began to sharpen his entrepreneurial skills by founding and operating a travel agency. Lucas states, “I got into a lot of problems with the Russian mafia, as the success of my company caught their attention. I would rather have closed my company than share it with them, so I did.” Directly after he closed shop, Lucas sought greater acceptance and left Russia for Europe. Here is where Lucas first delved into the career that would make this young man a sex icon. In Germany, he starred in a straight pornographic film; Lucas swiftly changed gears and settled in France for the next two years. While in France, under the direction of the most renowned French porn director, Jean-Daniel Cadinot, Lucas lured interest by performing in two gay adult films.

In 1997, Lucas fulfilled his longtime aspiration and moved to New York City. His journey to make it to the top in Manhattan was documented years later, along side Naomi Campbell and Lorne Michaels, in an April 2009 issue of New York Magazine. In 1998, Lucas put his savvy business expertise to the grind and founded his own company, Lucas Entertainment. In 2001, Michael Lucas brought his family to America, where they settled in Brooklyn and on November 12, 2004, Lucas was sworn in as an American citizen. Now, a decade after its launch, what once started off in his West Village studio apartment, Lucas Entertainment offices now occupy a 5,000 square foot space in the heart of midtown Manhattan.


Lucas Entertainment is one of the world’s most recognized and prominent gay-adult-film companies. Lucas directs, produces and stars in his own films under his namesake banner. His studio has earned many nominations and wins from the GayVN Awards, the Oscars of the adult world. Lucas Entertainment is recognized as showcasing the industry’s hottest sex with unprecedented achievements in cinematography, production quality and style.

In the summer of 2005, Lucas released the wildly successful Michael Lucas’ Dangerous Liasons. The film won a gamut of awards, including the Best Picture GayVN. Beyond the adult gay accolades Lucas and his company had infiltrated the mainstream with his celebrity friends performing cameos, including RuPaul, Michael Musto, Lady Bunny, Amanda Lepore, Bianca Del Rio, Sherry Vine, Graham Norton, Bruce Villanch, and Boy George.

In 2006, the studio released Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita. The film still stands as the most expensive gay porn film ever made. Again Lucas Entertainment surpassed all industry standards and won a yet unsurpassed record of fourteen honors at the 2007 GayVN Awards. The film took home every category in which it was nominated including Best Picture, a second year in a row for Lucas Entertainment.

In 2009, Lucas Entertainment broke ground with its film Men of Israel. The movie was the first gay adult production shot entirely on location in Israel with an all-Israeli cast. Men of Israel is a landmark in the history of Israel and in the evolution of adult entertainment. The film garnered international praise and recognition and ignited discussions in the LA Times, on E! Network’s Chelsea Lately and on countless other mainstream platforms.

In 2009, Michael Lucas was inducted in to the GayVN Hall of Fame. The media has made Lucas its feature time and time again. Political magazine The New Republic gave him the moniker of “Gay Porn’s Neocon Kingpin,” and New York Magazine dubbed him the “last of the New York porn moguls.” Lucas is renowned for his standing as the industry’s leading director and performer.

Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita In Court

Lucas Entertainment, Inc. and Michael Lucas were named as defendants in a lawsuit filed by International Media Films, Inc., which owned the rights to Fellini’s La Dolce Vita, in February 2007. The suit alleged willful trademark and copyright infringement against La Dolce Vita, seeking unspecified damages and to stop sales of Michael Lucas’ La Dolce Vita Parts 1 & 2. In May 2007, Judge Koeltl of the United States District Court in Manhattan rejected the request to enjoin the sales of Lucas’ film. He wrote that it “seems extremely unlikely that a hapless purchaser seeking to buy Fellini’s film will inadvertently stumble across Michael Lucas’s La Dolce Vita”, which would be an important element in proving IMF’s case.

After a four year legal battle, Judge Koeltl dismissed IMF’s entire lawsuit after concluding that the “plaintiff has failed to show that it has sufficient admissible evidence from which a reasonable fact finder could conclude that it was the copyright owner of the Fellini film”. The court ruled that IMF lacks credible documentation of its chain of title, stating: “In fact, it is possible for the Fellini film to be in the public domain.”

“I’m proud that my company won a case of such magnitude,” said Lucas Entertainment President/CEO Michael Lucas. “We believed strongly that we hadn’t done anything wrong even before we learned, through the meticulous, extensive and expensive fieldwork of our lawyers, that IMF doesn’t even own the movie it went to court over. Of course I can only guess at my opponents’ motivations, but if they thought that they could get a quick payday by walking all over a porn company, they were sorely mistaken. I am very proud that my company had the professionalism, the quality legal advice and the financial resources to stand up to this bullying.”

Fighting Unauthorized Use of Men of Israel Image by Anti-Israel Fanatics

During a Gay Pride event in Toronto, the political group Queers Against Israeli Apartheid used images from Lucas’ blockbuster series of films shot in Israel on anti-Israeli propaganda without his consent. The signs used the copyrighted image to wrongly and misguidedly portray Israel as an “apartheid” state.

“I was really amused to see this enigmatic picture from my film Men of Israel on the poster of anti-Israel demonstrators,” said Lucas. “I am happy that this series of bestselling movies, including Men of Israel, has made them mad, because it shows Israel just the way it is, a joyous and beautiful safe haven for LGBT people. That is the reality of Israel. Obviously that is not how Queers Against Israeli Apartheid would like to see Israel portrayed.”

Lucas’ lawyer, David Steinberg, stated, “In the view of our client, QUAIA member or members have not only used this image without his permission, [the] group is using it to portray the State of Israel in an absolutely misguided, hateful and perverse manner. In fact, Mr. Lucas is dedicated to fighting against the wrongful demonization of Israel by groups such as QUAIA. Consequently, this unauthorized use of his work is even more offensive.”

“This unauthorized use by QUAIA of our client’s ‘still’ image amounts to copyright infringement and a violation of our client’s moral rights,” he continued. “We therefore demand that [they] immediately cease and desist from using this image any further as part of [their] negative propaganda campaign against Israel or otherwise. We further demand that [they] put [their] membership on notice to this effect.”

After Lucas called for them to cease and desist, the organization contacted him agreeing to discontinue any use of his images on any of their propaganda. In a statement to his lawyer the group said, “…We are deeply sorry for any offense caused by the…use of Mr. Lucas’ image…The image has been destroyed and therefore it will not be used again. Our members have been notified of this issue. We have forwarded them a copy of your letter and this response…”


Outside of his films, Lucas is particularly distinguished for his activism and outspokenness. His convictions are uncompromising, which leads to much public interest and passionate disputes. Lucas lives by a quote from his favorite journalist and social activist, Oriana Fallaci, “There are moments in Life when keeping silent becomes a fault, and speaking an obligation. A civic duty, a moral challenge, a categorical imperative from which we cannot escape.”

Lucas has spurred public debate over topics ranging from Islamic fundamentalism, bareback sex, child pornography and his opinions are respected and discussed in mainstream media throughout the world. Lucas contributes editorial columns regularly to several national publications, which have sparked innumerable forums for public discussions.

In 2010, with such strong political and social views, Michael Lucas was added as a columnist to The Advocate. Since his column’s inception, each of Lucas’ political articles have caused heated debates among commenters who strongly defend or oppose his powerful convictions.

Lucas has also become an increasingly sought after public speaker. In April 2005, Lucas was invited to speak at the Master’s Tea at Yale University. He detailed his unique life and his views on pornography. The following year, he partnered with Yale once again in a conference on adult entertainment that was sponsored and published by the Yale Journal of Law and Feminism. Michael Lucas has also been invited to speak and debate at several high profile universities such as Stanford, NYU, Rutgers, and Boston University and in 2010 Lucas debated for LGBT rights at Oxford University in England.


The experience of harsh anti-Semitism in the Soviet Union led Lucas to form a strong bond with his Jewish distinctiveness and the state of Israel. He learned early on what would be his minority struggle; even in grade school Jews were separated from Russians in class books, as Jewish was the official nationality on Lucas’ identification. Lucas was determined to hold on to his heritage and endured the bigotry. Out of this torment was born the foundation of a controversial worldview. Lucas is a self-proclaimed Jewish atheist and Zionist. “I believe that people have created God,” Lucas states. “Not the other way around.”

His deep affinity for the state of Israel put Lucas on retribution in 2006 to defend Israel’s morale with the Lebanon War. In the midst of the ongoing battle, he announced his plans to go to Israel. He performed at one of the biggest clubs in Tel-Aviv, The Vox, to a full capacity crowd.

Lucas was widely praised for the trip and it was featured on the nation’s largest news site Ynet.

In the summer of 2007, Lucas again caused a stir in his NY Blade column. He assertively referred to Ultra-Orthodox community in Jerusalem as “religious goons” who are “parasites thieving off the state welfare program”.

In 2009, Michael Lucas became a citizen of Israel.

In the summer of 2010, Michael Lucas pioneered his first Tour of Israel that successfully brought together tourists from around the world and guided them through the beauty of the nation.

Michael Lucas is a strong advocate for the Jewish nation. He has marched in many pro-Israeli protests and has passionately denounced the intolerance and barbarity of the Islamic countries that surround Israel.

Michael Lucas Stands Up to The LGBT Center for Israel

In February of 2011, Lucas made a decisive stand for Israel by speaking out against an event that was scheduled to be held in the LGBT Community Center in New York City. When Lucas learned that the group Siegebusters was planning a fundraising event in conjunction with Israeli Apartheid Week, he leapt into action, coming out in opposition to the event in a press release and gathering Israeli supporters to convince the Center to reconsider allowing the event.

“I’m preparing to organize a boycott that would certainly involve some of the Center’s most generous donors,” said Lucas in the release. “It was an inexcusable decision on the Center’s part to associate itself with a hate group like Israeli Apartheid Week, but there’s still time for them to reverse course and begin restoring their reputation. At first I thought this was a joke. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that supports gay rights, while its enemies round up, torture, and condemn gay people to death — often by publicly hanging or stoning them to death. If the LGBT Center wants to host a fundraising and awareness party for anti-Semites, they might as well go all the way and host a tea dance for Fred Phelps.”

The event and all future events by the group were canceled. In an open letter to his supporters, Lucas said, “We prevailed! Congratulations to everyone who stood with me in support of Israel. With your help it took only eight hours to accomplish our mission. The LGBT Center has decided it will not host the party by Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW), scheduled for March 5th. According to an email I just received personally from Glennda Testone, executive director of New York’s LGBT Center, it has been determined that ‘this event is not appropriate to be held at our LGBT Community Center.’ It is unfortunate that it took the effort of so many of us in order to obtain this decision. The gay center should know who they permit to use their facilities and should not have allowed this group access to the Center’s facilities and not have the need for our intervention.”

This was the only time in recent history when an anti-Israeli event was canceled.


Lucas ignited a fire of controversy in March 2008 while speaking at Stanford University. A group of Muslim students protested and boycotted his appearance and sent letters to the student body asking for the same. Lucas claimed that the Koran is the modern day “Mein Kampf” and that its philosophy inspires Muslims to kill gays. This created heavy debate that was profiled by many mainstream media outlets. The Stanford Daily published five articles after his appearance. Professors supported Lucas and The New Republic magazine covered this story. In his speech Lucas asked the students: “Why would I be pro-Islam?

“As a Jew, they want to kill me and erase the country, Israel, where my people live from the maps of the world. As a gay man, they debate whether to stone me or throw me from a skyscraper. As a pornographer, they probably would want to publicly mutilate me and would have a difficulty deciding how, as my crime is not pointedly identified in the Koran. As an atheist, the same: death. And I have no interest in being killed at the hands of those religious retrogrades.

“In short, I have a problem with people separating terrorists from the world that breeds them, from the world that they were derived from, which is the world of Islam.”

The reactions to these contentions were extreme. There was great support for his fight for tolerance against tyrannical cruelty of others. Others argued that his intense views were racist against Arabs. Michael responded:

“Speaking of racism in relation to religion, not to a race, is a big disservice to language and to intelligence. I never in my life said or wrote a bad word about Arabs; go read any of my articles. My criticism was always addressed toward the religion and ideology of Islam. In fact, some of my role models are Arabs who I have tremendous admiration for. I’m talking about individuals like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Wafa Sultan, who have both secularized, confronted and condemned Islam.”


Mr. Lucas always displays an exceptionally strong voice for his cause. At the 2003 adult entertainment Grabby Awards his cause was to denounce a corrupt model agent. When it was time for Lucas to present an award, he took to the microphone to criticize the agent’s depraved actions. Michael felt that this man was giving a horrific influence on the industry, pimping, pandering and actively getting models addicted to drugs. Lucas took on the duty to express objection for this disgraceful behavior. The porn star agent sold his business and retired shortly after.

Many applauded Lucas’ stance yet he was subsequently banned from any further appearances at the Grabby’s. He believed that Forest gave the industry a terrible reputation and perpetuated a negative stigma. The organizers of the Grabby’s told Lucas that he would never be welcomed again and that he would never be nominated again. But in 2010 Lucas Entertainment and its performers were nominated for 36 Grabby Awards and took home Best International Picture of the Year for Men of Israel.


In 2009, Lucas stood up for his industry once again at the GayVN Awards. In the realm of gay porn there have been very few stories that have spawned as much fury and disgust as that which surrounds a certain 22-year-old porn performer. At the age of 16 or 17 the model forged his ID’s and performed in a string of bareback-themed adult movies. The revelation ignited a storm of controversy with many outlets voluntarily removing the underage performer’s films from their shelves because of concerns surrounding child pornography.

Being disgusted by this scandal and the precedent it set in the adult film world, forced Lucas to speak out. At GayVN Award ceremony directly after an honor was given out for child pornography protection, Lucas took to the stage to fight for his dignified cause.

Lucas stated in a press release on the incident: “It is shocking how lightly the industry is taking this matter. By falsifying his government-required identification, this model put himself, producers, and the general public at the mercy of federal prosecution. Because he performed while he was underage, all the material that he appeared in during that time is now considered child pornography, and rightfully so.”

Many dominant figures in the adult industry spoke out in support of Lucas’ campaign against child pornography. However, there were some that opposed this fight and argued that offenses should be forgiven and forgotten.

“This is my livelihood and people in this industry should be involved in the protection and positive promotion of what we are offering,” states Lucas. “There has long been a stigma attached to this business and I am fighting hard to improve the reputation of what we do.”


As of the summer of 2010 Michael Lucas and Lucas Entertainment have continued to film movies all over the world. Lucas is currently working on his first official biography and a documentary that chronicles his life and work.

In a rarity in the adult world, Lucas has transcended his notoriety into mainstream pop culture, fashion and politics. With a gamut of celebrity friends and colleagues, Michael Lucas’ fame has progressed into all facets of media. Lucas has been featured in thousands of articles, interviews, and appearances, including The Howard Stern Show, Chelsea Lately, The Ricki Lake Show, VH1, MSNBC, and LOGO, and in HBO’s documentary and book “Thinking XXX,” The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The New Republic, New York Magazine, GQ, The Village Voice, V Magazine, Out, The Advocate, In Touch Magazine, Genre, Paper, Butt, Blue, Attitude, New York Post, NY Daily News, Heeb, Maariv, Tel-Aviv Magazine, The Jerusalem Post, and, of course, countless adult publications. He has appeared in mainstream films and television appearances around the world, and on the covers of over a hundred magazines. Michael Lucas is a new breed of celebrity: a porn star evolved.


“Michael is so funny and opinionated and politically aware that I sometimes forget to look at his cock.”

Alan Cumming, Actor and Pop Icon

“Michael Lucas makes my mangina wet.”

Perez Hilton, Leading Gossip Blogger

“Michael Lucas is a person who’s bigger than life. There are people who sort of command a room when they walk in, either through the strength of their personality or the strength of their convictions, or their passions.”

John Duran, West Hollywood City Council

“We have few porn kings living among us…. In fact, now that Bob Guccione has been stripped of his townhouse, we may have only one bona fide member of porn royalty, self-styled emperor though he is: Michael Lucas.”

New York Magazine

“[Michael Lucas] has married the pornographer’s taste for the outrageous to the brash self-assuredness of an immigrant entrepreneur to the ethnic nationalism of a Russian Jew to the subject matter of Bernard Lewis.”

The New Republic

“Michael Lucas was my very first ‘client.’ He bought some of my artwork when I showed it in NY, and I am really happy that my paintings are part of his art collection! It just shows that you can do porn and still have good taste! I could use some of his actors as models for my drawings. They are all beautiful and so is Michael.”

Amanda Lear, Actress/Disco Star/Painter

“He’s a take-charge person who knows what he wants – no bullshit.”

Michael Musto, Author and Village Voice columnist

“Michael Lucas continues to be a force for positive change in everything he does. Like all too few celebrities before him, he embodies this attitude of making his world better – and in turn makes it better for everyone.”

J. David Riva, Producer, Director, Grandson of Marlene Dietrich

“He’s incredibly loyal. He’s very, very sweet and he’s just a really, really generally good person.”

Erik Schut, TLA Video

“Michael is a hero of mine. I think he’s very misunderstood. People think he’s arrogant when he’s really taking the piss out of a situation.”

RuPaul, Female Impersonator/Musician

“Michael Lucas is to gay porn what James Bond is to spy work.”

Bruce Vilanch, Actor/Writer

“Michael Lucas has earned his place at the table as opposed to under it.”

Timothy Greenfield-Sanders, photographer and director, “Thinking XXX”

“Michael Lucas is known as a porn mogul and a polarizing figure in today’s gay culture. I find this hard to believe sometimes as I know Michael as a wickedly funny, diva-obsessed, fashion victim (in the good way) full of good nature and strong opinions. He does not mince words, which is a rarity for people in or out of the spotlight. With Michael you get what you see. That’s remarkable. Most people don’t have the balls to say what’s on their mind all the time. As his films prove he has the balls and so much more.”

Bradford Shellhammer, Founding Editor, Queerty.com

“Michael’s work isn’t just about adult entertainment: it’s a smokin’ hot collision between art, fashion, porn and popular culture. All my favorites rolled into one nice package (pun intended).”

Andy Salzer, Creative Director, Yoko Devereaux

“Seeing him is food for the soul — not just the eyes and the body. That such a good heart beats within his handsome chest is, for me, his charm. I treasure our friendship.”

David Schorr, Artist

“There is never a dull moment working on Michael Lucas’ press campaign. Whether media agree or disagree with him, one thing is for sure; none can get enough of him.”

Len Evans, Project Publicity, Inc.

“Michael Lucas is a transcendent force in the adult entertainment industry. With his indomitable sense of class and integrity he has pulled the industry to a new level of mainstream entertainment. And he did it all with his lower lip! ;-)

David Morgan, photographer

“He is truly one of the most beautiful men you will ever behold. But if you get seduced by that he will come in with his smarts and get ya!”

Ben Patrick Johnson, voice-over actor

“Michael Lucas is an original creation, haute couture in living flesh. Quixotic and quirky, sensual and smart, infuriating and entertaining, Michael Lucas has carved out a spot for himself in the public consciousness through sheer force of will. He is personally dragging gay adult entertainment out of the shadows of peep-show booths and into the limelight, and he isn’t asking for permission, either. Hate to love him, or love to hate him, here he is.”

JC Adams, writer/director/columnist, GayPornTimes.com

“Celebrating nearly 20 years in the all-male adult industry, I have worked with and stood by many talented and hard working people who I greatly respect. Michael is no exception… From his early days and then an entrepreneur as the head of his own brand and company Michael embodies one of many ingredients I hold in high regard for success – Passion. I’m proud to support Michael’s successes and also to have been a friend and comrade throughout his tenure.”

John Rutherford, President COLT Studio Group

“You can say what you like about Michael, but he’s never boring. He speaks his mind and stands by his word. He’s street-smart, business-savvy and one of the handsomest men I know.

Tim Valenti, CEO, NakedSword.com

“Michael Lucas is one of the only gay male porn stars to do what Jenna Jameson did with her career. By taking full control of his work and launching a highly successful adult entertainment empire, he will go down in the history books and become a role model for the future stars of gay pornography.”

Jason Sechrest, Adult Industry Writer: JasonCurious.com

“In the years that I have known Michael Lucas, I can say that without a doubt he is a talent. No one builds as prolific a career as he without will, determination, and imagination. He has created a persona that is iconic, and one that embodies a contemporary outlook on the modern gay man – out, self-confident and opposed to intolerance. His films pay homage to some of the most classic images in cinematic history while capturing the raw sexuality of men.”

Frank Spinelli, M.D. Author, “Advocate Guide to Gay Health and Wellness”

“Michael Lucas loves high-quality, hot-ass erotic filmmaking guaranteed to get you off in a way you won’t ever forget. He is polite and elegant — with an air of Satan. At any moment, with cinematic gracefulness, one can imagine Lucas moving in on you — for the kill. The epitome of cool, it is his wit, work ethic, focus and drive that may just conspire to make the 15 minutes he says will never end, last a lifetime.”

Genre Magazine

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